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2420 Southwest 22nd Street, Miami 33145, Florida, Miami-Dade County, United States

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Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys
Handling DUI, Federal Crimes & More for South Florida Residents
We began our careers as DUI attorneys and once we had over one thousand dismissals with a success rate of over 85%, we decided to pursue more challenges. We now represent all criminal defense cases, from federal drug trafficking, fraud & money laundering, to DUI and attempted murder. There is no other law firm that focuses on Miami-Dade County the way we do. The skilled Miami criminal defense attorneys at Beckham Solis take on every case with an aggressive team approach and generations of experience.

An arrest or even informal allegations of a crime could jeopardize your career, your reputation, and your freedom. With so much on the line, you need top-notch representation by a team of trusted Miami criminal defense lawyers. That is the level of counsel we provide at Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law. With a team comprised of a former prosecutor, former public defender, and premier DUI defense attorney, we have over 35+collective years of in-depth experience and insight that can positively impact virtually any criminal case.

Our Miami criminal defense lawyers aggressively defend DUI, federal crimes, and all types of felonies and misdemeanors cases throughout South Florida. If you’re looking for a team that will deliver laser-focused representation inside and outside the criminal courtroom to ensure the utmost protection of your constitutional rights, look no further. Our Miami criminal defense attorneys truly care. We give our full attention and energy to defending our clients’ interests, no matter the circumstances or odds. Let's start your journey toward freedom together, today.
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2420 Southwest 22nd Street, Miami 33145, Florida, Miami-Dade County, United States
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